Music: Queen of the Ghetto by Kojo Rigault – London, Uk

Queen in the ghettoCheck out this great interview we did with London, dance-hall star Kojo Rigault.
Why did you select this song as your current single?
‘Queen  of  the  ghetto’  is  my  best  work  to  date,  I  am  totally   proud  of  what  it  stands  for,  it  is  a  dedication  to  women  of  the   ghetto  and  their  strength,  it  shows  a  man’s  relationship  with   a  woman  who  has  true  homegrown  love  cannot  be  broken  by  a  woman  of  the  material  world  with  material  looks  or   charms.
How  does  this  single  relate  to  the  rest  of  the  Album,  EP  or   Mix-­tape?   
The  EP/mix  tape  carries  the  vibe  throughout  though  all  the   content  is  of  a  queen  inna  di  ghetto  sets  the  tone  of  the   album,  up-tempo, Caribbean  by  nature,  r&b  oriented  and  bouncing  between  reggae  and  soca  at  times.  Some  songs   deal  with  relationship  issues  and  some  just  dealing  with  the   love  on  the  dancefloor. It’s  life  and  love  from  a  Caribbean  eye.
What  was  the  writing  process  for  the  song?
I  started  listening  to  old  r&b  hit  instrumentals  like  ‘I  got  five   on  it  and  return  of  the  Mack,  then  I  swung  it  to  a  dancehall   rhythm  to  complete  the  idea.  Lastly I  finished  the  process  by  working  Barrington  Levy  producer  Livingston  Browne  to   complete  the  reggae  arrangement.
What  does  this  song’s  lyric  mean  to  you?
This  means  to  me  that  women  can  feel  strong  when  they   have  a  true  bond  with  their  man  and  that  im  endorsing  their   relationships  to  stand  by  their  man  and  he’ll  stand  by  them   always.
What  would  it  be  like  to  see  you  in  person  performing  this   song?    
I’m  very  confident    and  hyped  up  with  this  song  once  I  have my  ladies  support  and  standing  by  me  screaming  for  this   song,  after  all  it  is  dedication  to  them,  even  though  they  may   not  be  all  from  the  hood,  I  dedicate  this  song  to  all  women   who  gives  their  all  to  the  man.  For better  or  worse.
Could  your  fans  summarize  who  you  are  as  an  artist  by  this   song?    
Yes  they  can,  as  I  stand  tall  and confident  with  this  song  as  it  brings  to  life  my  character  and  embodies  my  vibe
Is there  a  video  planned  and  or  completed  and  if  so,  what   was  the  idea  behind  the  video?
A  video is definitely  on  the  cards,  though  I  cant  say  when  as   yet,  hopefully  summer.  I  still  have  yet  to  choose  a  director   I’m  currently  looking  for  one  I  could  trust  will  do  it  justice.
One  last  question,  what  is  your  motivation  behind  your   music?  
If  you  don’t  know  a  bit  about  my  bio.  I  was  part  of  a  very   successful  Caribbean  boy  band  from  Trinidad  but  that  came   to  a  standstill  after  a  fatal  car  crash  took  one  of  our   members,  I  really  wasn’t  interested  in  singing  much  after   that.  So, I  focused  on  working  in  music  instead.  After  I   became  a&r  at  a  label  I  got  into  songwriting  again  and   started  recording  song  demo’s  for  some  of  the  artists  we   were  working  with.  When  I  left  the  label  one  of  the  demo’s  I   recorded  ended  up  at  the  new  label  I  was  working  for,   Reggae  label  Jet  star  music,  The  A&R  hounded  me  everyday   to  start  recording  again,  eventually  I  humored  him  and   recorded  my  first  recording  since  I  stopped  which  was  a   song  called  ‘I’d  like  to  know’  which  was  a  mix  between  an   r&b  song  I  wrote  and  a  dancehall  track  .When  It  was  completed,  I  totally  fell  in  love  with  the  new  vibe  and  was  convinced  I  had  to  make  more  music.

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