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paint it blackWe checked out this song after we saw a post by Jason Conner who mentioned that Rita Rose was Pittsburgh’s newest artist to watch.  Because of the artist that Jason manages we had to take a look and Rita Rose and he is definitely right about this young lady.  Check out this interview we did with her about her new single.A big shout out  to Jason for pinpointing such a great talent.
Why did you select this song as your single?
I chose “Paint it Black” as my current single because of it’s message. This song is my picket sign. I of resist the system put in place before me, the system that has been robbing us all blind and oppressing us. I won’t stand for inequality. I am using my music, my voice to speak the truth, to be heard, to speak for the people. This is the age of awakening, this is the age of revolution, this is a very exciting time to be alive! We are so long overdue for some kind of revolution and I feel a change. People are finally waking up and seeing through the cracks, that we are living in a world that only serves a small percentage of humanity, the 1 percent of people who can AFFORD to thanks to we the people. Our planet is getting more and more ill, people are still dying in meaningless wars, and people are becoming more and more detached from their roots, the human experience. “Paint it Black” is a protest, a call for action!
How does this song relate to the rest of the Mix tape?
This single relates to the rest of my mix tape “One” in the way it talks about how we need to quit demonstrating patriotism and demonstrating humanitarianism. We are all one of none.
What was the writing process for this song?
The writing process for this song was a flood of anger, a lot of frustration at first. I channeled my anger into a call for action. I kept the Uncle Sam “I Want You” poster in my head and let the lyrics come out of me. I let the voice of the people who are tired of living as a system slave speak through me. They had a lot to say.
What does the song’s lyric’s mean to you?
The songs lyrics mean a lot to me because the songs lyrics are my life. I live in a country where sick people can orchestrate tragedies like 9/11 and get away with it. For what? An oil war? It’s madness and I won’t tolerate it! I refuse to keep quiet about the injustices not only in my country but on my planet. I am NOT an American. I am a human being. I am a human being standing by mankind, not my country.
What is it like to see you perform this song?
When I perform “Paint it Black,” I keep that Uncle Sam poster in mind, I point to everyone in the crowd as if to call them into action, to stand up and join me in this revolution of consciousness. I get hype for this song, as I would in a protest march or speaking of something I want the world to hear me on!
Can your fans tell who you are through this song?
My fans can tell a lot about me as an artist through “Paint it Black” alone. I speak a lot about religion, politics, the environment and equality on my mix tape “One” dropping at the end of December. I am a hip honesty artist. I speak the truth, I promote love, education, peace.
Tell us the concept behind the video?
The video for “Paint it Black” was supposed to focus on the subliminal messages we see in the music industry, how the world as we know it is one giant Monopoly game thanks to corporate greed and the struggle of creation vs destruction in the world as we know it.
Anything else you would like to add?
My motivation behind my music is to break the conditioning. I want to enlighten people, I want to educate people. I want people to wake up. I did. It has changed my life and it is now my responsibly to do something about it. This is MY world, this is YOUR world, we share this planet. I refuse to live in a world where my fate has already been determined. It’s evolve

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