Music Opportunity: Songs Needed for an Upcoming Feature Film

Deadline: June 9th 2015
Prominent entertainment company needs songs immediately to accompany scenes for an upcoming high Action / Drama film.
This film is about a reformed ex-con and father who puts his freedom in jeopardy by taking on a risky job in order to provide money for his sick daughter that’s in dire need of medical care.
All styles and genres will be accepted (vocals and instrumental versions), however please submit songs that are appropriate for the following scenes and theme described below;
– A highly emotional scene where the father first discovers that his daughter is suffering from a life threatening illness.
-Several scenes where the father visits his sick daughter in her hospital room and is standing beside her bedside.
-Several violent/ action scenes (rowdy jail scene turned violent, a fast paced break-in, and a few suspenseful scenes where the ex-con and his partners perform high stake crimes.
Songs will also be accepted for the following theme below (instrumental versions preferred here);
-Suspense, action, intense, anticipation (Songs for this theme should be dramatic, intense and have a faster tempo or have some sort of build up.)
Cues and partial songs will also be accepted. Songs can be pre-existing or specifically composed for the film. Profanity is OK.
Songs must also be of high quality but professional home recordings will work as well.
There are no publisher splits so you will keep 100% of the payout fee if your music is selected. Artists will also retain all copyrights and ownership of their material.
The payout will be $2,300 per track, plus film credit. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your music placed in a feature film made by an award-winning writer/director.
This opportunity is open to all artists worldwide so Music Clout members from all geographical areas will be considered.
All submissions must be received no later than 12:00 AM (PST) on June 9th, 2015 to be considered.

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