Music Opportunity: Management Agency Looking for Bands


Deadline: April 2nd

Play It Loud Music is offering their expertise in management and booking to great Music Clout users looking for the representation.

Take the chance! Upload your best song to your Music Clout profile and send it over.

About the company:
Play It Loud Music is a boutique management and booking agency that is run by a tight knit team of industry specialists, musicians and, most importantly, people that are dedicated to seeing an artist’s career flourish.

No artist is alike and everyone’s goal will differ. For this reason they like to get to know their clients so that they can assign the right person to their projects in order to help them reach their goals.

Because musicians make up an important part of their company, they understand musicians, how to keep creative juices flowing, what it is like to be on the road, what a 13/9 chord sounds like, a number of ways to voice a #9b5 chord and even natural sore throat cures!

After working closely with their partners in Europe, they are proud to have toured bands for the first time in countries including but not limited to England, Germany, Spain, France, Holland not to leave out Canada, USA, and Japan.

Please do not contact Play It Loud Music directly regarding this opportunity; submissions must go through to be considered.

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