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03Dominique Demetrice Farrar, known as D’Meetri (formely known as Dominoe Ch’Yea), is an American rapper, singer, and engineer. By mixing Hiphop, Rap, Pop,
Defender of being original and passionate about Art itself, Pop singer D’Meetri aims to rearrange the stars throughout his career in entertainment. Urging all of his supporters to love who they are and scream it high and loud, one of D’Meetri’s goal is to reach the masses with heartfelt music & a heartwarming smile.
Check out his new lyric driven BANGER, “Numb.”
Why did you select this song as your current single?
Because it’s very necessary to highlight the insensitivity of our society to what goes on around us. We don’t know it but something as simple as sharing a video of someone being beaten is equivalent to being there and allowing it to happen. And it also affects our reactions to things that happen in our everyday lives. It needs to be said and saying it in song is the best way to say it.
How does this single relate to the rest of the Album, EP or Mix-tape ?
The album “Hello Living” is an album full of Love and expression. This record fits right in as it is a socially conscious record of Love. Though Hello Living is not expected to drop until late Jan. early Feb. I feel like “Numb” needs to be heard and shared NOW.
What was the writing the process like?
Very intense. I recall sitting in my apartment living room at 3 am with goosebumps in tears because Mike Brown had just been murdered. The recording process was very similar. It hurt. I had to reach for the root of insensitivity to really feel and get the message across.
What does this songs lyrics mean to you?
The lyrics mean the world to me. If you break down each line word by word and evaluate the truth in them it will make you sick to your stomach that for so long we’ve stood idly by and allowed this insensitivity to carry. It hurts. it really hurts. We HAVE to at least try. try a little harder to be a little better. genuinely that’s all it takes.
What would it be like to see you perform this song in person?
man… just thinking about that… i feel like to describe it it one word. electric. the energy from the song. from me. to the crowd. it would be a truly electric experience.
Could your fans summarize who you are by this song?
I think so.. i’m hella sensitive. so.. probably 
Is there a video planned or released?
maaaaaaannnn the video we got right now is intense… the imagery.. i almost couldn’t watch it.. but i do have another one planned and all i can say is.. cinematic.. i want you to FEEL the song even more from the video
What is your motivation behind your music?
ART!!! ART IS LIFE!! what motivates me is the ability to be so free and fluent in creativity i feel like each project is only another chance to reach higher and be better.. that’s like.. my number one inspiration

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