Album Listen: Now and Then by Plàsi

Characterized by stripped productions based on acoustic guitars, the Swedish independent Singer/Songwriter Plàsi is now out with his debut EP Now & Then. The inspiration comes related acts within the acoustic folk genre such as Dotan, Kings of Convenience and Andreas Moe, to more established ones like Passenger and Ed Sheeran.
Plàsi was born on the island of Crete with a Greek father but mainly raised in Sweden with his mother where he moved by the age of four. He writes, produces and distributes his music himself, and has studied songwriting at Rytmus Music School in Stockholm. Honest and meaningful lyrics with harmonic melodies bring the listener close to his music.
The most streamed single lifted out from the EP is called “Who Are We,” with over 340k streams on Spotify. The song was written after the escalation of the so called ”refugee crisis” in Europe, and talks about the contrast between compulsion and choice in today’s world.

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