Music News: YouTube's New Service May Hurt the Independent Artist

AdeleYoutube is making some radically changes to their site. In a few days we will no longer have access to many independent artist’s music and videos placed on Youtube. These videos will be removed as the independent Labels that carry these artist refuse to sign on to YouTube’s new subscription service.
According to Forbes The Google GOOGL +1.89%-owned video site has already signed new licensing deals with all of the major labels, but many independents are refusing to take part. Apparently, not only are smaller, indie labels not being offered the same deals as the majors, but the contracts that Google is putting in front of them are less than fair.
Google is simply showing their power by threating any label that selects to opt out will have all their content removed. The new Youtube platform is rumored to be called YouTube Music Pass. For more on this story click the link below.
  YouTube Music Pass

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