Music News: YouTube's Music Key

youtube-music-keyThe secret may finally be out the bang when speaking of Google’s new rumored music streaming service based on our favorite video site, Youtube. The Android Police found out that the google product will soon work alongside the rebranded Google Play Music All Access.
Currently the rumored name is Music Key. The YouTube Music Key branding was hinted at last month, when Google picked up associated domain names around the world. The service will reportedly cost $9.99 a month with a free 30-day trial to start things off. The best thing about this monthly fee is that you will have access to videos while offline according to Android Police. The user will also have access to concert footage, covers and remixes.
The new streaming service will offer ad-free music, audio-only playback and a 20-million strong song catalogue that users can listen to offline, said web blog Android Police.
YouTube/Google is jumping into a crowed space that is currently being dominated byt Pandora with over 76 million active monthly users.
According to Richard Broughton while speaking with CNBC, “Google has an advantage compared to other players since it will have the music service on Android devices, and for many users it will be the default option they will be presented with when they buy a device.”
Stay tuned for the launch date and be ready for a change.

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