Music News: X-Factors' Lillie McCloud

Lillie-McCloud-Alabaster-Box-The-X-Factorby Michael Palmer

Last week I was watching the, X-Factor and almost tear up after hearing this lady sing. I have seen many of these talent shows and by far this is the best audition I have ever heard. I look forward to see where she takes this. I would also be surprised that if she does not win if a record label does not pick her up. She simply has talent, oh yea she is 54 years old and looks 30 tops.
But every happy story usually has a something hiding in the past. Apparently, this is not her first rodeo and has three previous hits. But before we say too much, check out this tweet by her daughter and then do the search.
“My Mother Nicole McCloud the biggest inspiration for my creating #TNM Nonprofit #MusicFAM has just performed on #XFactor and I am in tears!” revealed Rayne McCloud on the microblogging site
If you want to read more about this scandal check out:

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