Music News: Wiz and Amber

amber-rose- and WizThey rushed to marriage and now they are rushing to get divorced. If you don’t know who I am talking about you might be a little late on this news as we are. The couple is Pittsburgh’s own Wiz Khalifa and his wife Amber Rose. According to Amber Rose, “ Wiz is a serial cheater’ and this is the reason why she filed for divorce.
According to TMZ sources close to the model who claim she has been suspicious of her husband’s activities since the beginning of his Under the Influence of Music tour. Amber wanted to travel with Wiz on the tour, but he reportedly told her that he’s bringing home the bacon and she should be at home with their 1-year old son, Sebastian.
From what I know the person that is usually accusing the other of cheating is usually the cheater. But we do hope they can figure it out for the child. One note, once divorced Wiz will be paying her spousal support for a while to come, wow what lawyers she has.

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