Music News: U.R.R. One Step at a Time

After several years of hard work, U.R.R. has taking significant steps forward creating music like never before with a new-confidence in music writing, free styling, combining magnificent genres of Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, Reggae and Dance hall into one mixture. “Sailing” dropped September 11, 2016. The single and video is now available on Amazon, Spotify and iTunes and all other digital outlets.
U.R.R. represent music freedom: expressing feelings and making music that touches listeners in unexplained ways not usually done by formal music expectations. Their music expresses unspoken thoughts and emotion while bringing about a therapeutic experience of positive vibes by bringing about a colorblind outlook. Their sound is not for one person but for everyone.
Jamaican born Marlon Calder “No Phear” moved to New Jersey where he learned to craft his sound. Over the years No Phear has transformed into a versatile singer, songwriter with a focus on dance hall music in the later part of his career. By his side is New York’s Ceasar Dow “Blam” who found his passion for music early on at age four. With over two decades in the business, he knows a thing or two about expressing himself with music and has worked with everyone from Red Man to the late Nate Dogg. Rounding out U.R.R. is Reggie Travon Wellington “Reo” an singer, rapper, songwriter and free stylist from down south in Tennessee. At a young age his talent was so obvious, and his father decided to encourage he and his sibling to sing and dance on a daily bases.
Together they have combined their talents to bring about a sound that is all their own. No Phear with the dance hall influence and Caribbean connections to the likes of Beenie Man and Sean Paul, Blam’s campaign to bring real issues that really matters back into the public eyes, and Reo’s spirited, unique, versatile, cheerful, and out going personality all make URR a force in this game.
Those interested in hearing more from U.R.R. can check out their newly released single, “Sailing,” out now and available on iTunes.

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