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Bruno-MarsMusic is being pirated at such an alarming pace these days. Stealing someone’s music is like telling them their talent is not worthy. Music is not easy to make well, let me correct that, good music is not easy to make.  Go out and buy it stop being a freeloader and if you don’t think it is worthy of your money then find better musician to like and buy theirs or go to a concert. No wonder there is barley any heart in music anymore.
This year some of the most popular artist had the highest illegal downloads. Check out this quick article from about the top bootlegged artist of 2013.
Bruno Mars and Rihanna were illegally downloaded more than five million times each in 2013, making them the two most-pirated artists of the year.
According to Musicmetric, which analyzes BitTorrent data, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake and Flo Rida rounded out the top five musicians. Kanye West, Eminem, Jay Z, Drake and Pitbull also earned the dubious distinction of high illegal downloads.
Musicmetric also crunched numbers to determine that Taylor Swift was a social media winner in 2013, adding 29.5 million new followers on Facebook, Twitter and other services. Close behind were Katy Perry, who added 29.2 million fans, and Timberlake, with 28.8 million.
Gregory Mead, a Musicmetric executive, said that while the analysts “don’t condone piracy,” the company’s BitTorrent data does show artists where their fans are and helps them plan ways to engage with them.
“Back in the day, people went into record shops to try records before they bought them,” said Mead, whose company recently noted that Beyoncé’s new album was pirated 240,000 times in its first 10 days of release. “Nowadays, they download or stream a track and then perhaps buy a download or a gig ticket.”

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