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Platform Opens World’s Largest Music Catalog to 3 Million Emerging Artists

This week StarMaker Interactive, developer of music video creation apps StarMaker and The Voice: On Stage, opened the world’s largest music catalog to 3 million emerging artists. Artists can join the StarMaker Network

Now all StarMaker users have the opportunity to publish videos to their own YouTube channels as part of the StarMaker Network, and to earn revenue from those videos. StarMaker’s one-touch creation platform solves major challenges for rising social music talent. Professional studio effects, vocal guides and fully cleared studio-quality backing tracks from all the major music publishers allow StarMaker talent to perform, upload, and monetize covers of hit songs at any time, from anywhere.

The network launch builds upon more than 20 million creators onboarded by StarMaker via the iTunes and Google Play app stores, collaborations with global hit television series including NBC’sThe Voice and Fox’s American Idol, and promotions with major recording artists.

In combination with StarMaker’s publisher, label, and television talent franchise partnerships, the StarMaker Network launch creates the world’s largest music talent network, with a clear path to the top for anyone with a StarMaker channel.

While Multi-Channel Networks (or MCNs) have traditionally partnered with YouTube talent, the StarMaker Network launches with more talent accounts than any MCN. And StarMaker’s mobile platform already exceeds the off-YouTube audience metrics of all MCNs.

“Launching the StarMaker Network is a game changer for the music industry,” said Jeff Daniel, CEO and co-founder of StarMaker Interactive. “Online video is the most engaging form of entertainment media, and with 1 billion monthly uniques, YouTube is the biggest streaming music platform in the world. With this launch and help from our fantastic partners at YouTube, StarMaker is expanding on that success. We’re injecting new talent to the platform en masse, with a state of the art tool in their pockets, a clear path through the maze of rights that have been so challenging for independent artists to navigate, and the ability to build their own careers.”

Nathan Sedlander, president and co-founder of StarMaker Interactive, continued, “Cover song videos are a vital entry point for new artists. They’re the most shareable type of user-generated content, and thanks to YouTube’s amazing back-end tech, their proliferation has been beneficial to publishers and labels, driving both revenue and artist awareness. By opening wider opportunities for emerging talent, we can direct even more revenue to the publishers who administer the rights of great songwriters — and we can create even larger activations for labels in support of their artists and for brands seeking authentic engagement with this audience.”

About StarMaker Interactive

StarMaker Interactive is the first integrated video network for music, fostering video creation, curation and consumption plus talent discovery and promotion across multiple platforms. StarMaker has licensing deals with all of the major music publishers and works closely with labels including Atlantic, Columbia, Island Def Jam, Hollywood and RCA. It has also partnered with The Voice,American Idol, Universal Pictures and Philips Electronics, among others to provide fans and talent with the most engaging music experiences. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and is opening an LA office focused on the build-out of the StarMaker Network. For more information,

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