Music News: Speech Machine 5

From the first note a sense of beautiful depth comes over the listener as your mind starts to delve into Seattle, Washington’s SPEECH MACHINE.  In a vast sea of artists putting out the  same cookie-cutter type of recordings, you become delighted to hear  something fresh and new; a sonic immersion where the songwriting comes alive.  The lyrical content seems to flow in a perfect harmony along with the  beautiful vocal arrangements that Speech Machine has become know for.  The listener instantly feels a genuine connection and is able to be absorbed into the music.  This is why Speech Machine has been and is still ready to continue to make an impact on all listeners.
MARTIN CHARLEBOIS is SPEECH MACHINE.  Martin takes the reigns by singing, playing guitar and bass, and performing most of the percussion found on this latest release.  Other instrumentation includes: Keyboards, Drums, Cello, Horns, Sax, Banjo, Bassoon, Clarinet and many others.  SPEECH MACHINE 5 features Ellen Kilcup on Cello, and Jonathan Obien on Keyboards.  This album is the first Speech Machine release to boast a pure acoustic theme, without a formal drum accompaniment.
Speech Machine’s story is best told by telling Martin Charlebois’s story.  Born in Quebec and growing up in Buckingham (Canada), Martin started writing songs in the 1980’s.  After living in Guatemala and Mexico, Martin Speech Machine 5set roots down in Seattle, Washington in 1992.  Songwriting and recording flourished in the rainy city and soon Martin had enough material for an album project.  In 2005, Martin decided to release the 1st Speech Machine project album entitled “Curious Punishments of Bygone Days”.
The newest album will be released January, Friday the 13th, 2017. Pre-order of the album is available online at

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