Music News: Soulful Hip Hop with Remy Ashton

Struggling to make it to the top comes with 99% of the stories one hears about the greats, and Remy Ashton hopes to be put in the category with his continuous hard work. A rapper with a soulful touch, this Stockton, CA native has just dropped his debut mixtape entitled Born 2 Lead, and with it delivers a reality check.
Diagnosed with cancer at the age of eight, Remy Ashton’s struggles started early in life. Now a survivor, he writes from a positive, but realistic perspective. On Born 2 Lead he notes, “I often write about day to day struggles and ways to discover peace through those tough times, so most of my content is directed toward those who’ve experienced heartbreak and lack of hope.”
Comparable to the likes of J Cole and Maxwell, Remy Ashton plans on being as versatile as can be when it comes to what’s currently available in the music industry. With some shows under his belt in the Bay Area, he’s also performed recently in Los Angeles and is interested in showcasing his talents moreso.

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