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Revolt Studio ABefore I start this story about the history Revolt has made in music television with the revealing of the new studio. I would just like to touch on the fact that Revolt in my opinion has been very disappointing. When I have a chance to check out the channel, I have come to notice that Hip Hop and the urban music scene is the only thing they focus on. Being a black man, I do love to see the progression of our culture but being a music fan, Revolt has fallen short. Where is the rock, country and or pop that you promised?
Revolt has also broken their promise to help break new artist. Revolt is constantly focusing on artists that are already mainstream acts. With the platform Revolt has created, they could be the forefront of the next big thing in music. But they have chosen to follow behind other music stations.  But only time will tell, as Revolt is a young station still trying to find its footing and still looking for ratings. Decisions must be made even if it was not a part of their original core values.
On to the actually story; Yesterday, Revolt unveiled its new Studio in Hollywood California in grand fashion.  Check out the story courtesy of
Sean Combs continues to make his imprint on music history.
Launching his cable network back in October, REVOLT now has a new home in Hollywood. Revealing the live Studio A flagship, REVOLT TV has transitioned into a 24-hour platform of staying connected and interactive with artist updates, news, and the best of the best in music. REVOLT is the new cutting edge forum that will reinvent the way we interpret music collectively, and gain leverage from the power of social media tools and live music dialog through real time interaction.
Arriving before the 4 o’clock hour leading up to the live reveal, Diddy was none other than the man of the people. Connecting with fans wrapped around the REVOLT Live headquarters, Mr. Combs kicked off the premiere with an inspirational speech alongside his fellow Harlemlite Mase. “From Harlem to Hollywood,” this was a nostalgic yet monumental moment for the successful entrepreneur.
“This is an exciting and beautiful day. I’m a kid from the inner city of Harlem, and we’re opening up a studio today – The Revolt Studio. Right here right now, you have a front row seat to keep watching,” exclaimed Combs. “And if I can do it, you guys can do it. So keep holding on to your dreams!”
The chairman closed out his speech by stating, “CNN has their own studio, ESPN has their own studio, and now music has a 24 live studio.” Taking viewers on a live walk through leading up to the reveal of the studio – Diddy’s engagement amplified the momentum and the magic awaiting on the other side of the REVOLT doors. This marks the beginning of the next chapter in music and elevates the level for creativity and innovative art. REVOLT Live is the new home base for artists to be themselves and limitless in their creative direction. Revolt TV is the new way to “feel” music.
Today was a memorable moment in Mr. Combs’ career and a rejuvenating one for the world of music. Like Diddy says, “Open your eyes and dream,” anything is possible.

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