Music News: Revolt TV, October 21, 2013

revolttv_logoBy Michael Palmer
Launching October 21st on Time Warner Cable, Revolt TV promises to bring back the 24 hour music channel experience. Revolt is not necessarily speaking of 24 hour music videos, but more of having programing that is about music. If you have ever visited the Revolt TV website one of the first things you will read is that, Revolt is “out to build an empowering platform for artists and our audiences,” but what does that really mean? If you search the internet a little you will find this explanation, Revolt is “the multi-genre, multi-platform music network (which) delivers music news in real-time, and the best of the best in music programming. A “social by design” network built to play at the speed of social media, REVOLT is live, direct, and always on – anytime, anywhere, any screen.”
From what I have seen thus far from Revolt it has been about placing you the fan right into the mix of all music news. From the funeral of Lil Snupe to getting the reaction from Gunplay right on screen when he heard it for the first time. Before fans would only be able to see these raw emotions through social networking and videos from cell phone.  Revolt has created a platform that will break the news first about music.
I personally have high hopes for Revolt, I like to know the news when it happens and I like to know the reasoning behind every decision an artist makes. Because of this curiosity, I created iMoveiLive and came up with different methods to really get into the artist’s head; Revolt, I feel will do this times ten. They will gain fans daily because they will be on top of all the stories and when it breaks you will know about it as if it was CNN.
As far as actual music, I have not seen too much from that front from revolt but I will say, that I have notice they have given up and coming artist some great exposure thus far. I feel this will continue because Revolt is trying to be ahead of the curve for the next big thing.
Make sure to Tune in on October 21st because the revolution will be televised. Oh  Yeah, Revolt don’t forget, you are a music channel not a urban music channel, give some country and rock some shine.

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