Music News: Revolt the Next ESPN?

sg-revolt060713At the recent annual Cable Show in LA, Puff Daddy told a crowd of executives that he is modeling his Revolt TV much like ESPN for sports and CNN for the News. Daddy told the crowd that people will need Revolt for music much like people need the Weather Channel for the weather.
Puff has very high hopes for revolt as one day he plans for the company to be as big as the ESPN.
According to CNBC Diddy, who was dressed in a gray suit and wore white Nike Air Jordan sneakers, acknowledged that a traditional TV network was an unusual strategy, given the rising popularity of digital video over the Internet. But he argued there is potential for a renaissance in music videos on TV after Viacom’s VH1 and MTV shifted their programming toward reality shows.
With the change made by MTV that space is now open according to Puff Daddy.
Since launch last October Revolt is now are over 25 million homes across America.  Overall, revolt has a long way to go as current it is expected to generate around 23 million in revenues while ESPN generates around 9 billion in revenues.
As successful as this man has been, he will accomplish this.

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