Music News: Pittsburgh Rapper Hardo Released

Hardo Jenesis MagazineOn August 30, 2013 new signed Pittsburgh rapper to T.I’s imprint Hustle Gang Hardo was charged with possession with intent to deliver after officers pulled him over for running a stop sign and discovered 250 individual stamp bags of heroin in a closed bag under the driver’s seat.

On June 9th Hardo was found not guilty and released after appearing before a Common Pleas judge for a nonjury trial.

With his acquittal, Hardo received tons of support from all of Pittsburgh biggest rappers including Wiz Khalifa. His boss had this to say “@trapnhardo found #NOTGuilty yest. “IM doin dis for black & yellow FREE HARDO!!!!” Guess God was listening. Come home & let’s get back to da GRIND my guy!!!!!! #lifeisgood #godisgreat #hustlegangovererrrrthang,” he wrote.

Not to waste time Hardo jumped right in the studio to release a brand new song from one of Pittsburgh’s fastest rising producers Stevie B. The song is call “Thug Motivation” check it out below.

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