Music News: Pay to Play at the Super Bowl?

Katy PerryOne of the most coveted gig for any musician around the world is the NFL Halftime Super Bowl performance. The Super Bowl Halftime show brought in over 115.3 million viewers last February, which was higher than the 112.2 million people that watched the game. It’s been shown that any artist that perform usually see   a spike in CD and download sales directly after the performance.  This is an amazing thing for any artist contacted to do the performance and the artist will jump to the opportunity to do so.
This year though, might be a little different as the NFL is passing around the idea to have the selected artist pay to play. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the league has notified Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Coldplay that they are under consideration to perform at halftime of Super Bowl 49 next February. In the process of notifying them, the paper reports that the league has also asked some of the artists to either give a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour proceeds to the league or make some type of financial contribution in exchange for being offered the show.
So far this has gotten a cold reaction by the artist the NFL has contacted thus far. As an artist, is it worth paying for that exposure if the NFL is trying to take half your money after the performance?  When you perform at the Halftime show you don’t get paid so your payment as a big artist is the residuals you receive after the show, correct?

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