Music News: No Love for Future after Billboard Interview

Future imoveiliveby Michael Palmer
Has there been a moment in your life where you say something and wish you could take it back? Well, I think Future (rapper) might be in that current situation. In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, thinking the interview had been completed, Future mentioned to the interviewer that “Drake made an album that is full of hits, but it doesn’t grab you. They’re not possessive; they don’t make you feel the way I do.” To make it worst, the interviewer tweeted that Future did not stop there and also said that, “I’ve been on the songs of all these rappers that put out an album, and my music is still better.”
As we know Future was recently added as an opener for Drakes upcoming tour which of course will have all of Young Money and they will be singing and rapping those songs he is talking about. Well, in light of this Future was removed from the tour because the headliner Drake felt he dissed him. This will put Future out of $1.5 million in possible revenue he would have made from the tour. So, to recoup this money, Future has planned to sue Drake.
Future is still young in the music game and has had some tremendous hits, but these hits have been with Drake and or artist he is on the same team with. Drake’s team Young Money is affiliated with MMG a team that Future has worked with a lot.  Future really started to make a mark with his feature with Lil Wayne, Nicki, Drake and Rick Ross. Now those doors might be closed with a comment like that. People take thing personally whether it’s about competition or not. Future has become cocky way too quick, and an apology is the only way back in the good graces of the music game leaders currently. Don’t bite the hands that feed you but this all could just be a miss understanding as Billboard stated, “We regret that miscommunication surrounding Future’s recent visit, one that seemed clear to us was on the record, may have caused any trouble for the artist.” I guess we will see what happens from here.

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