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B_White_Mayo_The_58s_The_58s_Present_The_Bli-front-largeThe rap/hiphop game is not what it used to be. While there are many out there trying to educate generation next, many are mimicking different gimmicks and other’s success are helping to put hiphop/rap to rest. But this cannot be said about Pittsburgh’s own The 58’s.
The 58’s just released their new Mixtape was just released on 12/24/13 and has done very well on The new tape is a collection of dope tracks with RealDeal, Joey Fattz, Hubbs, and Jon Quest. The Blizzard of ’93 promises to be as relentless and iconic as the storm itself. Production by Big Jerm, Big Chubb, JBG, Sayez, Swoots, Standish, M-Pyre, Rosco Wiki and So Cracked Labs.
When it comes to music, acts like this make us proud to be from this city. Pittsburgh will continue to rise because of acts like this. I am still listening to the tape, I will let you know how it turns out or how about you click on the link below and check it out for yourself. Get to know them now because the hours that they put in you will never know when they make it.
Mixtape Link: B. White, Mayo, The 58’s The 58’s Present: The Blizzard Of ’93

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