Music News: NeverWake's Sleepwalker Webseries- Local News

NeverWakeThe Pittsburgh, PA area has so much musical talent that on a daily bases we discover someone new that backs up this statement. One of the new musicians we came across is the band, NeverWake. NeverWake considers themselves the bridge between rock and metal musician genre.  NeverWake, ”combines memorable, melodic vocals and Gothic guitar harmonies over heavy distortion to achieve their style. NeverWake continues to develop their style by incorporating more complex riffs, heavier background vocal style, and dark orchestration while keeping their melodic lyricism.”
NeverWake just released a new album called, “SleepWalker” which we honestly have not had a chance to hear. But what made us feel we must write this article is the way they have went about marketing the album. NeverWake has started a web series to take their fans and hopefully new ones behind the scenes of their new album. “The fans will be able to catch all of the technological, musical, and emotional facts behind the album.”
Many of iMoveiLive’s web series is to bring the fans closer to the musicians as people it is proven that people relate to your music better when they know the story.  People want to feel the heartache and success that went into making the album. It makes them care and want to purchase it.
As fans of our site might know, we believe that no matter how talented you are no one will hear your music if you don’t market it. So check out this first episode of NeverWake’s “Behind The Music – Episode 1: SleepWalker” and stay tuned for the next episode.
Make sure to get their new CD on iTunes after watching this video.

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