Music News: Music Key is Coming to Help Music Profit

YouTube-Music-KeyYoutube’s Music Key is looking to transform the music streaming and bring it to the main stream. Youtube has a massive global footprint but will they be able to capitalize? Youtube will need to entice its current free market music into paid music streamers.

On Nov 12th Youtube announced Music Key. With the increase number of ads on Youtube the mention that music can now be accessed without these ads can prove to be very popular.  If Youtube can transfer a small number of these free listeners into paid the royalties rates will be out of this world.

For years people have gotten music for free through YouTube so will they change? Check out the full article on and find out how much this could mean for musicians and the music companies.  Music Key is currently set to launch on Nov 18th Music Key lets users stream music ad-free, as well as listen without an internet connection. The service is set to cost $7.99 to beta invitees and $9.99 when it is released publicly and comes with a membership to Google’s streaming service, Google Play Music.

With YouTube launching its own music services and YouTube being owned by Google, subscribing to either will get you full access to both. 

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