Music News: Mr. West vs Mr. Kimmel

kanye-west-s-long-interview-on-jimmy-kimmel-live-bumps-musical-guest-arctic-monkeysMr. West and Mr. Kimmel have been locked in a war of words (well funny comeback on Jimmy’s side). This began after Kimmel and team of writers came up with a stunt to make fun of Mr. West interview with Zane Lowe. In this interview Kanye had a few quotable. Well a little more than a few.  The part that upset Mr. West the most is that Mr. Kimmel used little kids to reenact the interview. From my point of view if not explained you would think he was saying Kanye was acting like a 6 year old. The part that upset Mr. West the most was that they are friends.  Well, after a big twitter fight and so on Mr. West agreed to come on the Jimmy Kimmel show to discuss the situation.  Below check out this great wrap up by Revolt TV which is coming soon to a TV near you!

That’s a bill you could sell enough tickets to fill Madison Square Garden for with after last week’s flare up of tempers and exchange of angry words regarding a skit parodying Ye’s hourlong interview w/ the BBC that aired on Kimmel. It seemed just about impossible that Yeezy would ever step foot in the studio of a late night show ever again, but like an act of Yeezus, late yesterday the world got word that the showdown we would have all paid to see, would be happening for free in our living rooms after Kimmel booked the rapper for an appearance on his show.
After an excruciating wait and this incredibly hilarious clip that had twitter abuzz, the segment finally arrived and kicked off with, of all things, “Who are you wearing?” a peace offering if there ever was one. Nearly the next 5 minutes were spent with West sitting in silence as Kimmel tiptoed over his words in a giant roundabout apology, which if you consider the context that Kanye was on Kimmel’s show, that’s a pretty incredible thing.
Of course, as we all hoped and expected, Kanye also delivered in spades, coming through with the most Kanye of Kanye rants, spitting out a million words a minute over the course of two segments which saw the rapper bump an appearances from The Arctic Monkeys. Though his time on the program was packed with quotable gems for days, the first Kanye-ism of the night dropped when Kimmel addressed the rumors the feud was all just a big hoax for publicity. “I don’t follow rules of normal celebrity,” Kanye said passionately, “I don’t do publicity stunts period, so don’t ever think that.“
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