Music News: Lou Reed Honored Through Sales Growth

lou-reed honoredby Michael Palmer
Much like many great musicians that went before Lou Reed, he has also join the club of amazing musician that is remembered after their death. Today Lou Reed was honored by his fans through the purchase of his music.  Today, “Transformer,” “Rock N Roll Animal hit the top 25 on iTunes. This is a difficult feet because this musician unlike Johnny cash, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston did not sell much music during his long career. Lou Reed passed away on Sunday at the age of 71. His sales have thus increased tremendously along with radio play.
According to the Rolling Stone Reed’s album catalog sold 3,000 copies on Sunday alone, compared to fewer than 1,000 the previous week, an increase of 607 percent, and his solo digital-song sales jumped from 2,000 to 17,000, a 590 percent bump, according to Nielsen SoundScan. His Spotify streams increased 3,000 percent in the first day after his death, radio spins went up 140 percent, and Transformer and Rock N’ Roll Animal hit Amazon’s Top 25.
One thing that stands out the most about these musicians that gain so many sales after their passing is that is when they are really remembered and enjoyed. In other words I love Michael Jackson growing up but as I grew up I started to forget him and now I wish I had a chance to go see him. Now that chance is gone. Honor these great talents and support them so they can feel the spirit that people really have for them while they can. Buy more music and go to more concerts.

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