Music News: Lights in August: A Trio With Three Singles

After only one year as a full band, Lights in August built a big enough reputation in their home town of Ottawa for them to decide it was time they went in a real studio. Their first EP, which was recorded in the singer’s basement, had a good response online but they believed it didn’t do justice to the potential the band saw in their music. For this reason they booked a weekend in the best local studio they could find and recorded three singles which they recently released on many music platforms.
With these new tracks, Lights in August want to show what should be expected for their first full length album they are currently working on. Though with all three members being in college, funds for this project are hard to find. “All we can do now is hope that word of mouth does its magic and gets to the right person” says Alex, the band’s singer. The trio believes they are currently on the right track in their pursuit of growing their fan-base as their songs speak to a wide variety of people.
Like their musical heroes Coldplay and The Fray, Lights in August love to give you something new with each of their tracks. Their pop rock sound often has a lot of emotional soul packed into it whether they are singing about a lost love in “Ballad for a Glance” or about seeing the positivity in life with “Learn to Live.”
With new professional material, the band is relying on fans to help them gain enough exposure to record the rest of the album. All you have to do is go listen to their songs and if you like them, keep them on repeat and spread the word. You will be getting them one step closer to releasing new music for you to enjoy.
You can listen to their music on services such as iTunes and Spotify or you can stream it for free on their website at
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