Music News: Kendrick Lamar's, "Control" verse

Kendrick-LamarAs the responses to the Kendrick Lamar verse on the Big Sean song, “Control” continues to roll in we must stop and realize that this one verse has reignited the flame that has burned out in hiphop. I know as far as a faded fan of hiphop, I am happy that so many hiphop artists have taken offense to his verse and feel they must answer.  But thus far who has come back with a verse and or song strong enough?
Control was originally suppose to be on the new album by Big Sean but because of clearance issues with the sample used he had to release it for free. In this song, Kendrick Lamar renegaded Big Sean similarly to the way Eminem did to Jay Z on his own song. But that’s not the part that caught people’s eyes, it’s the lines that he talks about his frustrations with the current state of hiphop and how he has become the king that quickly. Hiphop has become lifestyle music there is no art anymore. So Kendrick simply called everyone out and told them to step there game up.  But this is our interpretation. See below all the responses thus far and let us know which one you think is the best?
Lupe Fiasco – SLR 2 (Kendrick Lamar Response)

Uncle Murda – The Response (Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, Fabolous Diss)

Joe Budden – Lost Control (Kendrick Lamar Response)

Papoose – Control (Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Drake, Kanye West Diss)

Grafh – I’ll Body You (Kendrick Lamar Diss)

J.R . Writer – Control Yourself (Kendrick Lamar Diss)

Ransom – Control Ran (Kendrick Lamar Response)

Cassidy – Control (Freestyle)

Los – Control (Freestyle) Kendrick Lamar Response

Astro – KONY (Kendrick Lamar Diss)

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