Music News: Kanye Heading to Vegas?

kanye28f-1-webVegas have been trying to be on the rebound by hiring larger than life musicians to take up a residency there. Recently, promoters from sin city have been bidding for J-Lo to take up a zip code there after Britney Spears and Celine Dion had done so. J-Lo was being offered $350.00 per show for 72 shows.
Next up is said to be Kanye West who has actually already nixed the deal that he would make $4.5 million for just nine shows at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, TMZ reports.
The offer — three shows a week for three weeks, at $500,000-a-pop — would have made West the highest-paid entertainer on the Las Vegas strip, besting Celine Dion’s rate of $476,000 per appearance.

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