Music News: J. Whaley Launches A Soul Revival With The Release Of "Call Me Your Man"

With the release of his third major music outlet release, J. Whaley officially released his new single “Call Me Your Man,” in February 2016. Accompanying the release and in anticipation of the EP release in mid-2016, J. will be performing a series of intimate listening sessions.
“Call Me Your Man” was co-written and co-produced by J. Whaley and Johnathan “JDav” Davenport. The track is created from a recipe that includes keyboard and piano melodies, ear-catching guitar riffs and a pulsating rhythm section that accompanies J’s authentically, soulful delivery. “Call Me Your Man” is a sultry, lyrical work of art that pleads with your sensibilities. J turns what could be an unfavorable name-calling experience into an opportunity to recall the many ways that a man loves a woman. When J croons “You can call me a dog, ’cause I’m loyal and I won’t forget” the listener will quickly redefine negative monikers.
“Very soulful, romantic and easy to listen to over and over with no problems,” says a Google Play subscriber about “Call Me Your Man.”
Known for his soulful sound that channels traditional R&B, blues and gospel greats, J. Whaley has become widely known and is often requested to open for national recording artists, appear in stage plays, and perform the National Anthem for the WNBA and NCAA. Since his debut, self-produced album “The Service Station,” J has received awards and nominations, such as NIMA – Best R&B Performer of the Year, NIMA – Best Male R&B Artist of the Year, NIMA – Song of the Year, NIMA – Video of the Year, SEA’s Slept on Artist of the Year and many more!
“Call Me Your Man” takes music lovers back to the time when music spoke to your soul. “Call Me Your Man” reminds women that there are good men in the world and charges men to redefine negative stereotypes. “Call Me Your Man” is an excellent first release, an invitation to the “Soul Revival,” J’s forthcoming and highly anticipated EP.
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