Music News: Indie Artist J.r. Mann "Primo" Is Set To Seduce The TN Hip Hop Scene With "Shop Talk"

PrimoPrimo will be releasing his first solo “studio mixtape”. Entitled Shop Talk Vol. 1 Trap-n-Blues, the project will be released under Power Records. After a few collaborative efforts with fellow Nashville Artists ” The Primates” In early 2015, J.r. wanted to create this record purely from his vivid storytelling, life experiences, and to promote his unique sense of music style.
Primo plans to do his part along with other Artists from the 731 to build a platform that is actually sought after in the small cities and rural towns of Tennessee. With no videos or promotion, Primo has been accumulating considerable positive feedback from industry professionals. With his imagery, flaire, delivery, and track selection, Shop Talk is sure to engage listeners. Power will release the project January 2016 available on ITunes and other various media outlets.
“I want to be just as relevant as a songwriter as as I can be as a recording artist”, says J.r. ” I called volume one “Trap-n-Blues” because it depicts certain situations of a person trying to come up out of a place where the environment really doesn’t promote that. So not only do u have to overcome your natural surroundings, you get the blues from having to deal with the people around you that have acquired a certain mindset from the same environment”.
J.r. Mann,”Primo”, is not only a artist, but also a songwriter and a rather charming and clever personality. Power records will independently release his project entitled “Shop Talk Vol. 1 Trap-n-Blues” in January 2016 and it will be definitely worth some attention.
Be on watch in January for “Shop Talk” Listen to 14 On – The – Go by Primo #np on #SoundCloud

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