Music News: Hip Hop Cash Kings 2014

XXX CES016.JPG NVToday Forbes released its yearly Hip-Hop Cash Kings list and the suspects were the usual. This year there was some shake up in the regular top three with Dr. Dre taking the number one spot. If you have been paying any attention to music in the past 365 days you would know that he would end up #1. According to the Huffington Post, “In 2013, Diddy topped Forbes’ list of highest paid hip-hop acts with $50 million, leading Dr. Dre, who landed in third, by $10 million. But after Apple dished out $3 billion to purchase Beats, Diddy has been unseated as Dre rocketed to the top of this year’s hip-hop cash kings with an incredible total of $620 million.
The top ten rounded out with some of the bigger acts/business men of the year. See below and check out for the full list and some interviews on how they made that money including Rick Ross’s Wingstop investment.
1. Dr. Dre – $620 million
2. Jay Z – $60 million
2. Diddy – $60 million
4. Drake – $33 million
5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – $32 million
6. Kanye West – $30 million
7. Birdman – $24 million
8. Lil Wayne – $23 million
9. Pharrell Williams – $22 million
10. Eminem – $18 million

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