Music News: DUI Justin Bieber – National News

Justin-Bieber-2017907 Justin was arrested today for driving under the influence.  He was out drag racing with a rapper friend and his entourage and got in a little trouble. According to TMZ “Justin was wasted and resisted arrest and cussed the cop out, dropping multiple F  bombs.”
Justin has been making some bad decisions of late. I used to stick up for him as he is a teenager and when I was younger I did some dumb stuff. But he has finally went too far by putting other peoples life in jeopardy by drinking and driving and racing to make it worst. According to TMZ officers “believe Justin was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol.
We’re told … Justin blew a .04.  That would not automatically make him a drunk driver — IF he were 21 or older.  But Justin is 19, and Florida has a zero tolerance for underage drinkers who drive. A BAC higher than .02 is ground for an automatic license suspension.”
Justin’s bail was set at $2500.00 and in light of this he hired one the best lawyers in the US. We will see how this turns out.

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