Music News: Devoured Releasing December 16th, 2014

lyKegBkFormed in 2012 Atlanta metalcore act As Animals Eat My Insides will be releasing their debut full length ‘Devoured’ on December 16th, 2014. The album will be available via all online retailers.

Track list:

1. Eaten Alive

2. Daydreamer

3. Swag in the Bag

4. Nothing Changes

5. God Save the Scene

6. Burning Bridges

7. Sinchak’s Song

8. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket, Who Gives a Shit

9. Devoured

10. Thoughts

When asked about the album, guitarist and founding member Matt Simone said, “I love every song on that album because every song on there is written from the bottom of my heart. I poured the mix of emotions that I was going through in my life into that album. I couldn’t accept myself or the world around me and I pretty much felt like the world was eating me alive, when really nobody was causing me to feel that way except myself. That’s kinda how we came up with the name for the album, everybody has these “skeletons” in their closet that most people around them don’t know about. They choose to lock it away and hide it in hopes that nobody will judge them, they have thoughts constantly floating around in their head and most of the time that’s the only thing that is making them feel like they aren’t good enough for this world. I I hope by releasing this album we can show anyone out there that it’s okay to lose it, it’s okay to fall apart, to be broken, fucked up. You are human, you have to fall. There are times where you will be devoured by your thoughts but it’s your choice on whether you let them devour you, or you fight back, but hey, at least you’re still alive and you gave it everything you had. I hope this album teaches people to fight back against anyone who tries to put them down or fill their minds with negative thoughts.”

Jeremy Bond – Vocals // Matt Simone – guitar // Philip Brooks – guitar // Devan Loring – Drums // Alex Bond – Bass

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