Music News: Bruce Mountain Band Let the Rock Speak

The name Bruce Mountain Band is as new as the warm weather that has started to creep in around the US, but the four men who make up this rock band out of the Inland Empire have been at it for years. Each built their name up in the local scene, but as the stars aligned and all the cards stacked just right – they came together last year. It was then when they decided they needed a new rock outlet to share music with the world. They then wasted no time and hit the studio and hit it hard, working around the clock to crank out 16 songs from scratch that they assure are going to rock the current scene.
Their debut, Another Day Lost, is currently available on CD Baby, but physical copies are being pressed and will be available August 1, 2016. Lead singer Tyson Bruce and the rest of the guys came up in the local scene, including Los Angeles and know it like the back of their hands, that’s why when it came to writing the record, they really pulled from their surroundings. Bruce said of the album, “It’s a collection of songs written by our experiences in the southern California music scene.” That, infused with rock and roll – it’s going to be an explosive experience from start to finish.
Once the album drops, Bruce Mountain Band plans on keeping the train going with touring locally, and hope to take the act around the world. They’ve all done the national thing in former bands, but want to create an international fan base with Another Day Lost. Bruce also noted on their other goals for 2016, “We are currently trying to get a distribution deal to make the vinyl available in stores throughout the world.”
Those interested in hearing more from Bruce Mountain Band can check them out on CD Baby, Jango or at any of the other links below.
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