Music News: Authentic Is The Word Most Often Used To Describe The Music and Fan-Funded Career Of Gypsy Soul

You’ve heard of crowd funding a CD… but what about an entire career? It all started with a promise to each other almost two decades ago in Edinburgh, Scotland. Gypsy Soul made the audacious commitment to each other to successfully make their living from their art and not to wait around for a label to discover them. They have just completed their 13th independent CD entitled, TRUE which is scheduled for release on Earthday, April 22, 2016.
“It’s clear that Gypsy Soul embraces the DIY ethic more thoroughly than many of today’s indie rock bands.” – SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER
Through their 19-year professional music career, Gypsy Soul have cultivated and nurtured an audience of life-long fans; not simply via their musical excellence, but because of their compelling story and dedication to all aspects of their craft.
From their humble beginnings as immigrants to their unwavering passion, work ethic and approachability Gypsy Soul’s, Cilette Swann (US/CAN) and Roman Morykit (UK), have garnered a permanent place in the hearts of their fans. The exchange that’s come from these relationships has inspired their loyal supporters to donate over $81,000 for different CD projects. In fact, the duo’s entire music career has been funded almost exclusively (save a few licensing deals and TV/film uses) by the continued patronage of fans to over one thousand of their live shows.
“Gypsy Soul is gourmet music for music lovers,” shared on the air at K-LOS Radio in Los Angeles, California.
Like its creators, their music is much like fine fusion cuisine…..Italian, Irish, South African and Ukrainian to be precise. And, as with any work of art, their music is born from heartache and struggle, love and determination brewing with many textures, nuance and flavors. Their message is both universal and intimate – familiar yet otherworldly.
Their roots rock -meets- acoustic soul sound is a true culmination of the very best of both Cilette and Roman’s tastes, experiences and cultures. Morykit, Gypsy Soul’s producer shares that he feels TRUE is their most unique CD to date as it is a combination of both a live and studio record. “We like to call it a “performance” record as we limited ourselves to one or two takes to keep the performances fresh for our listeners,” states Morykit. For more of Gypsy Soul’s story…

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