Music News: Amazon Prime Music Streaming Service

amazon-prime-music-logoAmazon has launched its new Prime Music streaming service joining the ranks of Spotify,  Beats music and many more.  This was the natural next step for the Amazon Prime brand which has been offering movies, television and books for deliver and streaming online.  With this new extension there are many pros and cons. Let’s take a quick look at them.
The Good
# 1 the music industry is struggle as far as music sales are considered and this is another way that could possible increase sales.  This is the idea that Amazon is selling the executive at some of the biggest record labels around the world.
# 2 there is no advertising. That alone would make me join.
#3 if you are a fan and looking to learn the song at a fast rate the songs are sync with the lyrics. The negative here is that they are still working to have all the music in their catalog have the same perk.
#4 there will be pre made playlists which will keep the audience engaged and keep you hearing thing you have never heard before but match the music you already love. According to “the company is said to have recruited a team of music experts to create to create hundreds of playlists that range from “best of’s” to ones tailored to a specific mood.”
The Bad
#1 the Prime brand will increase to $99 which might not be the best if your only there to watch Tv shows. That is more than cable.  Some might feel a little upset.
#2 the catalog of music is not up to par as other streaming music services.  There is only around 1 million songs which pales in comparison to service that have 20 plus million songs.  On the other hand who even knows that much music? So the average listener will not even know the difference.
#3 there is no new music on the site. Music will only be added 6 months after release.
#4 only two major labels have signed up. According to “This may be the biggest negative of all, since the largest major record label, Universal Music Group, has yet to sign on so none of its artists (like Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, not to mention classic acts like Stevie Wonder, U2 and Bon Jovi) are available on the service.”
At this current point it is estimated that Prime has over 20 million subscriptions worldwide. With the increase in price we are seeing a positive for the music industry.
Summary from Forbes article by Bobby Owsinski

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