Music News: AMA Wrap up

Rihanna-American-Music-Awards-2013By: Michael Palmer
Last night another music award was upon us and this one was called the American Music Award. A quick sum up, some people performed, some people cried, some snobs, some lame jokes, and of course some bad outfits.  As bad as that sum up was that was the basic award show in a nut shell. The actually stand out points in the awards show was the performances which there were 16 acts (that’s a lot).
One of the main performances I was looking forward to was the TLC performance with special guest Lil Mama to play the Lisa Left Eye roll. As pump as I was I was left disappointed by the overall lackluster performance of the original girls of TLC. The stand out point was Lil Mama. She stole the show from TLC.  Other performance in Florida Georgia Line with special guest Nelly overall they did a great job with this one and ofcourse we were able to hear one of Nelly’s old hits.
Katy Perry also performed but with a weird get up for the song selection. You will have to watch that one yourself I can’t really sum it up.  The Stand out performance came from Rihanna. She stole the show and showed why she was being honored as the Icon of the year.
Wait I almost forgot to mention Miley Cyrus and her crying cats. Hmmmm but overall the show went well and it was entertaining.
The big winners where Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift and Rihanna which I personally think is well deserved for all three. They have all had a tremendous year.

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