Music: Miami Vomit II by Doby Watson

Doby Watson has spent much of the past decade touring the DIY circuits of the Midwest and Northeastern US. During this time he has released a number of mostly live-recorded, lo-fi renditions of his take on confessional Americana. His newest song, ‘Miami Vomit II’ is a departure from the casual output Watson is known for. Starting out much like Watson’s previous work, the song takes a sharp turn midway, bursting into a slurry of buzzing synths and plucked strings that weave over a rapid, electronic rhythm section. Look for similar material from Watson throughout the coming weeks.

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Upcoming Performance: 
10/18 Oakland, CA @ Stork Club
10/19 San Francisco, CA @ Milk Bar
10/20 Reno, NV @ Pignic
10/21 Boise, ID @ house show
10/22 Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records (RalPhest)
10/24 Denver, CO @ Syntax

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