Music: Metal Moths by Cooler

Buffalo, NY’s Cooler combines a love for 90s grunge with the heart-on-your-sleeve aesthetic of early 2000s emo. Their contemporary, pop-minded approach to crunchy and gritty songwriting could also find them sitting comfortably next to MTV2’s iconic 2002 rotation. Think somewhere between Weezer, Saves the Day, and Pity Sex.

After debuting with the grungy gluttony of 1993, Cooler is back with the tellingly-named Phantom Phuzz. More than just a play on phonetics, The six-song EP is the band’s best attempt at describing their own sound – a gigantic, phuzzy rhythm section punctuated by haunting and piercing guitar leads. The band puts a special emphasis on vocal harmonies, combining the melodic talents of singer/guitarists Alley Yates and Nathan McDorman with the undeniable power of their rhythm section, singer/drummer Nick Sessanna and bassist Adam Cwynar.

Phantom Phuzz was recorded between 2015/16 at GCR audio with Jay Zubricky (Pentimento, Every Time I Die, Del Paxton). Released via Admirable Traits Records on November 19th, 2016.

Check out their new single, “Metal Moths” below and leave a comment if your like.

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