Music: Make it Rain by Social Gravy

On December 17, 2016 Social Gravy announced the release of their third single, “Make It Rain” and confirmed that another single was in the works for release in January 2017.
The Los Angeles band formed in 2014 as Belarusian Vee Bordukov and Brit Brad Kohn exchanged new musical ideas; it wasn’t long before they realized that they had the makings of something great, and began writing and recording music together.
Social Gravy’s Brad Kohn, an accomplished producer with two UK platinum records under his belt, explained today: “We’ve been chipping away at this project for the past two years. It’s great to see it finally come to light and be received so enthusiastically. We’re now getting some deals tied up so we can add momentum to the album launch next spring.”
The band’s sound has been described as an audio journey that weaves together influences as diverse as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, The Black Keys for an eclectic rock sound. Social Gravy is also developing a reputation for its incisive social commentary, particularly in songs like Fools, a blunt rebuke of the then-Republican presidential candidate, now president-elect Donald Trump. The freshly released single,”Make It Rain,” was recorded live at the legendary East West studios in Los Angeles. It is a melody driven song that has indie rock references of Noel Gallagher and early Radiohead.
“Growing up in Belarus, rock ‘n’ roll was something of a forbidden fruit: in a Soviet state, listening to rock was very much an act of rebellion,” said writer and co-producer Vee Bordukov. “To this day, I love that spirit of rock and its social implications; as a band, Social Gravy isn’t just about great riffs or melodies—it’s also about speaking out against some of the many, many absurd things going on in the world today, from politics down to the personal.”
Check out the single below and make sure to visit their site for more info on the band.

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