Music: LOVE STRONG by Ben Hazlewood

Rising star Ben Hazlewood has released a new official video for his single “Love Strong“, which was premiered yesterday on Ones To Watch.  The song was selected from Hazlewood’s recent Vanta EP and the Australian singer performed it for a live recording with his band at Ocean Way in Nashville, TN.
“Love strong is about a bittersweet goodbye, the fear of parting ways with someone so close to me but also wanting to see them succeed. I was worried as I have been churned up and spat out by the same city (she was moving to) and wanted to remind her to never lose the strength and spirit that was so uniquely hers.”  – Ben Hazlewood
“Love Strong” is the second of three live videos shot at Ocean Way, and follows on the heels of Hazlewood’s video for “Stay Tonight.”
“Love Strong” is an amazing record. This is the type of music that should be ruling the charts. This music sounds like love from the heart of the person creating it. Amazing single, but don’t take my word for it, check it out below.

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