Music: Lost Love Letters by JKJ ft. MNI

Why did you select this song as your single?
Lost Love Letters has everything that a single needs: a concept people can relate to, a great hook, a unique sound and a good video.  The contrast between the sounds of JKJ and MNI allowed the record to reach a wide audience, even those who may not like hip hop.  It just made sense to push it as a single.
How does it relate to the other songs on the Album/mixtape?
C.O.A.L.S. (Compilations Of A Lost Soul), is a relatively dark project, centered around pain, loss, struggles… and rising above them.  Lost Love Letters is one of the more upbeat records but it still centers on those same emotions, something that everyone has felt at one point or another.
How did the song come about?
WonderHitz and R.A.R.E. have worked closely for years.  JKJ and Palermo Stone have done two collaborative projects (Hey Young WorldHey Young World 2: The Encore) and have tons of records together.  Now that Palermo and R.A.R.E. are developing and pushing these new, talented artists like MNI, it was only a matter of time before JKJ linked up with them.
What is the meaning of the song?
The song centers around the relationship of two people and their perspectives on it.  Initially, it is easy to take the song at face value, but as you listen more times and get deeper into the record, there is much more you can take from it.  Everyone needs to find their own meaning in music, so this song allows interpretation of each artist’s story.
Why do u think the industry needs your music?
The industry doesn’t need our music.  The people need our music.  Powerful music with a good message behind it.  JKJ specializes in emotional records and the public has lost touch with that aspect of music.  Meanwhile, R.A.R.E. Nation is bringing the life back to hip hop and getting people excited about listening to music that moves them once again.


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