Music: Living Alone by MaryLeigh Roohan

MaryLeigh RoohanMaryLeigh has perfected her alternative Americana style and songwriting over the years. Her songs have connected with listeners on a deep level, and earned her fans throughout the country. Dark, sultry vocals and a blues-infused guitar accompaniment have met the perfect pairing on MaryLeigh’s latest effort. Her new EP Living Alone delves into dark depths and issues that so many have gone through. Her poignant lyrics touch on many topics, and yet breathes fluidly as one cohesive piece. Her single “My Friends” blends together a soulful, alternative rock sound with the Americana-influenced storytelling that MaryLeigh has been recognized for on her previous releases. The Wild Honey Pie says of the track, “With a dark twanging riff that anchors the track, Roohan’s voice is able to sweep in all it’s dramatic loveliness. She flows with the track, adding extra emotional punch with every chorus.” Living Alone was released on September 23rd. When asked about the songwriting process, MaryLeigh had this to say: “Writing is always very therapeutic for me. In the past, I would always try to deliver the sadness in a sweet way to avoid “turning people off” or boring them. With this record, I feel like I allowed myself be fully honest in my songwriting. There’s no sugarcoating.”

Event:  Club Cafe in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, December 8th

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