Music Licensing: Upcoming Feature Drama Film Seeking Songs

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All Genre Accepted
Payout: $1,700-$2,300
Upcoming feature drama film is in need of songs in several styles and genres. This film depicts the stories of three unconnected people whose lives get intertwined by a series of events that occur in one night.
Please read the following tracks needed below:
• Chill/ Lounge Tracks / Singer-Songwriter/ Acoustic / Pop– These songs should preferably have a slower tempo. These will be used for several emotional/dramatic scenes throughout the film. This genre is also needed for the opening track of the film.
• Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Metal / – Songs that have a hard sound, with some sort of build up. This will be used for a scene featuring a rebellious teenager.
• Any genre – Songs should preferably be current and catchy.
• Christmas themed music in all styles.
The songs are mainly going to be used as background music so lyrics are not as important as the sound and vibe of the song.
The film is shopping for major distribution so this is a great opportunity for exposure and film credit. The compensation for a selected track will range from $1,700-$2,300, depending on the use and feature.
Songs must be of high quality but professional home recordings will work as well. Instrumentals versions are ok. Profanity is ok. Cues and partial songs will also be accepted.
This opportunity is open to all artists worldwide so Music Clout members from all geographical areas will be considered.
All music must be received by 12:00 AM (PST) on March 20th, 2014.

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