Music Licensing: Music Needed for a Clothing Commercial

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All Genre Accepted

Payout: $3500.00
Clothing and accessories retailer that offers a wide selection of products for women, men, juniors and children is seeking music for their upcoming commercial. 

The commercial will feature a small selection of unrelated, young people talking about their hobbies and passions in life. As they speak about their interests, the scenes will switch and show them doing those things (i.e. surfing, dancing, traveling & hanging with friends) while wearing the brand’s different styles, showcasing their outfits and how they ideally fit within their everyday life. 

They are open to all styles and genres of songs and instrumentals, however, please submit songs that would be appropriate for the scenes themes detailed above. The music selected will be played in the background as the girls & guys are explaining their stories and are being featured doing different activities. The music will be mainly used in the background but will get louder as the the scenes of them doing different activities are shown and get lower again as they speak. 

Cues and partial songs will be accepted as well. These songs can be pre-existing or songs composed specifically for the commercial.

The sync fee for this project is $3,500 per track, plus royalties and credit. This is a great opportunity for artists as this commercial will have tremendous exposure and high royalties for the music chosen.

This opportunity is open to all artists worldwide so Music Clout members from all geographical areas will be considered.

All music must be in by 12:00 AM (PST) on July 29th, 2014 to be considered.

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