Music: Keep on Dancing by SALIO

“Keep On Dancing’ by SALIO is the first commercial release since her debut EP ‘Lost World’ in 2016 and signifies a much more upbeat feeling from the Georgian songstress.
“After the EP I felt that I needed to write something a little more fresh and positive so when I returned to Georgia from the UK I sat down with my producer Beqa Japaridze and began finishing the song. It had been dormant for a few of years and I felt that now was a nice time to release it as a start to the spring and leading into a new summer.”
And she is right. The song – a cool dancey number featuring lyrics from Irakli Kakabadze – immediately taps into you and no matter what may be going on in your life you cannot help but feel the positive energy flow. It melts the snow and ice away whilst opening the windows for the sun to shine and demanding that the cocktails flow.
SALIO is confirmed to perform at Tbilisi’s Open Air Festival on the 18th June and follow her as other dates worldwide are announced.
A great start to the year for SALIO? She will most certainly keep on dancing throughout it and I imagine we will all be doing the same wherever we may be….

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