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Ave Website Top (jan 14-4)(1)Check this brand new interview with fast rising State College rapper, Ave Amen.
Why did you select this song as your current single?  
I felt the direction of the song fit the time of year, with MLK Jr.’s Birthday just passing. (I actually wrote the song the in at the end of January)
How does the single relate to the rest of the Album, Ep Or Mixtape? 
It’s a track on its own as of now, but i’m using it to also help promote my new mixtape i just dropped in January titled “I’m A Long Way From Home”.  And that project is accented well by “Just A Dream” just by the content and direction of the song itself.
What was the writing process for the song?

Jersey Life Beats made the beat and (he lives out my way) so when i heard it, i hit him up, and he emailed it to me that day.  The intro of the track was already added so that set the tone for me to talk a little about prison, and with it just being after MLK day i used his energy to build the hook.
What does the song lyrics mean to you? 

The picture I used for the graphics is the hotel MLK Jr was killed at. The hook to the song is basically saying that it WAS JUST a dream that MLK Jr had , because things are still the same. MLK Jr’s true dream was Social equality for all Americans. Bringing “race” together was the first step towards achieving his Dream. It is well known that MLK Jr had a “Poor Peoples March” planned as the first act towards changing the distribution of Wealth in America, and i strongly feel that he was also killed for this very reason. So that’s what the hook is in reference to . The verses in the song are a reflection of time in prison. I also touch on the deceitful ways of politicians, and the government.
What would it be like to see you perform this song in person?

I don’t know if I would choose this to perform at a club or bar; maybe at lounge type setting. Either way, it would be a calm but energetic performance. For real, this song means a lot to me so it would be great to express it live.
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song? 

NO. This song is just one side to me. My last song that was supported by iMoveiLive “Spectral Vision” was in a different direction than this. So maybe if they listen to that track and “Just A Dream” they could have the two different extremes of Ave. Amen, most of the time I’m in-between these two.
Is there a video planned for “Just A Dream” ?
At this point I’m still working on some other videos off my new mix tape “I’m A Long Way from Home” so i don’t have anything in stone right now. But I’m very, very, spontaneous so if a opportunity presents itself i will.
What is the motivation behind your music?

What motivates me with my music is several things. 1) It’s my voice, and i love the fact that i can express all my frustrations and joys through this. 2) I love hip hop, sound, and the evolution of rap music. I like to contribute my ideas (rather than complain about the state of rap music). and 3) Its what keeps me out of the bulls**t .

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