Music: I Was Wrong by Kill the Sound

KTS bannerKill The Sound is a band that combines the elements of Hard Rock, Nu-Metal and Alternative to create an energy-packed sound with lots of hooks
How does this single relate to the rest of your music?
I Was Wrong is a song that almost everyone can relate to. It is about having high expectations about friends or people in general and being disappointed with the results. It is a song about betrayal and the hardships of moving on and leaving a negative person in the past.
What would it be like to see it live?
To see Kill The Sound perform live, it’s like drinking 5 redbulls in a row and then doing 50 jumping jacks right after. We have tons of energy on stage, we love to engage with our crowd. We love mosh pits and head banging, we even mosh with each other onstage!
Is there a video planned?
There is a lyric video planned for this song.
What’s the bands motivation?
The motivation behind our music is always the same, to have a great time with our family, friends, and fans, to release some stress, to empower the crowd and to rock out!

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