Music: I Like The Way by Nurtuan

New Nurtuan single – ‘I like the way feat. Elan Noelle’, is on the buzz right now. It created quite a racket amongst the teenagers. It happens to be Nurtuan’s nest big single after his widely popular song – Give me a chance.
The moment the music hit your ears, you are going to love the music. It’s a very much target market oriented composition with electronic music, touchy lyrics and potent vocals. The way the song goes on and both Nurtuan and Elan Noelle complimented each other was commendable. I especially would like to appreciate Elan Noelle for her stunning effort.
The song was able to create a certain ‘keep-listening’ effect. The music was pretty trendy with techno atmosphere while the lyric was sweet, lovely and energetic at the same time. The melody created by both Nurtuan and Elan Noelle can keep the listeners on the hook and enjoy the moment.

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